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Posted on Jun 04, 2014

Frequently Covenant Building Services is called out to fix decks built by companies that are out of business or have simply changed names to avoid dealing with legal challenges. 

All too often they opted for the most wood for the lowest price rather than the best builder for the job.

We encourage everyone to find the company you believe will do the BEST job, check them out thoroughly and trust that when you find the right company they will deliver value appropriate to the prices.  Speaking with neighbors is a good idea.  Our customers tell us that the experience they have when building a project is as important as the product.  You need to feel confident about WHO is at your home. 

There are infinite numbers of ways to check out potential contractors.  One effective way is to call a company that has done work for you previously to see who they recommend. Even if the work was of a different type reputable companies are usually a good source of help.  Customers also tell us that consumer referral sources like Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau have been helpful.

Check out photos of the work you see and don’t be afraid to ask tough questions.  Reliable companies love to help you check them out.

Once you have made a decision relax and let the professional serve you, but remember don’t give anyone too much money up front.  If they can’t afford to be in business you can’t afford to have them work for you.

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